Isle Cafe, a franchise eatery, at Orchard Tower

25 Jul

Isle Cafe, a franchise eatery, at Orchard Tower

Affordable food in busy Orchard Road is a great boon for workers and locals. They sell almost anything that make up the local menu.


Granny Lee Noodle shop at Golden Wall Centre.

10 May


A joyful morning with friends who are supporting a charity New Hope Singapore. We shopped for art materials to run a fund raising event for 1 June 2019 . And then lunched at Be Here Cafe, for a delicious meal of home made noodles and sauce.

recent hawker centre sketches

28 Mar

Tekka Market is my popular haunt for snacks and groceries.

PALM VALLEY, Singapore Botanic Gardens

27 Aug



Briyani Lunch at Tekka

27 Aug


After visiting the new Ethnobotany Garden at SBG on 27 Aug 2018.

My lunch is a mutton briyani. $5.00 and Teh Halia kosong @ $1.20.



15 Jul

2018, some sketches to begin this year.

9 Mar

Quick sketches At National Museum, Sin Ming neighbourhood and my favourite hawker centre, Tekka

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Red Columned Laundry Shop

5 Dec

A Glimpse of the Past.
Serangoon Road.
Some of you might know of this quaint looking laundry shop with Red columns in the 90s. Its long gone now. Good thing i sketched it in 1996. Found this forgotten painting in my storeroom when spring cleaning. Its turned a little yellow now but otherwise in excellent condition. May auction it.1-2017-12-05 16.27.42