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roast pork rice stall

7 Jul

ImageThe lunch time crowd gathers here for the famed roasted pork rice priced at $2.50 a plate. The roasted belly pork and char siew are  roasted just right. Steamed herbal soups are available at 1.50 to 3 bucks a bowl. I like the charsiew rice sans the  sauce. This is at Waterloo Street.


New old-styled coffee shop

6 Jul

Nanyang Old Coffee shop at Millenia Walk

Chanced upon this nicely decorated old-styled coffee shop at Millenia Walk.

Enjoyed a cup of my morning kopi o kosong for a mere $1.30. Like the shelf display of collectibles viz: advertising signs, calendars with Chinese film stars of the 50s and 60s, and household utensils.

Hello world!

6 Jul

Welcome to!

Eating out is a favourite past-time for Singaporeans.

And I have lots of interesting places to showcase.

I have included this category of our modern day lifestyle by showing you the places  I eat or have a cup of coffee and do my on-site  street sketching.

Enjoy these images and memories.

Tham Pui San,

Nature Artist (street artist also)SAM_3102