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Marathon Sketching on Good Friday 2016

25 Mar

Good Friday morning.
Took a bus to the nearby Shunfu Market for my cuppa. The food centre was crowded with many enjoying their holiday morning savouring the local fare there. Cleaners were hardpressed to clear up the piled dishes and left overs. ( Not a pleasant sight).
Managed to find an empty seat, but having to content with the mess left by previous customers.
Settled for a cup of tea, and started to sketch.
Changed tables two more times to get different views of the scenes that make good drawings. Here are the 5 sketches done in that one hour.


Nanyang Old Coffee at Smith St/South Bridge corner

1 Mar

Its coffee shop nostalgia once you step into this interesting coffee place.
I like the mini museum here, and good service with excellent coffee brewed the tradtional sock way.