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At Tekka market

30 Aug

2016-08-30 12.18.31

30 Aug 2016

malay couple selling very traditional snacks at favourite is Sukun or breadfruit fritters..a rare treat these days.



16 Aug


An opportunity to introduce sketching food outlets to my students here. Plus a hearty meal of fried  beef slices with  ginger, shallots and rice after the session. Sam the owner of Hua Nam Restaurant was happy to serve us, a group of 6 at lunch.

ART for Everyone

15 Aug

Art is accessible everywhere, if one cares to look.This myriad installation of ventilation and aircon ducting go beyond its functional
aspect of keeping us cool and ventilated in our so many eating places. Its mine kind of installation art which should deserve more appreciation by us all.Thanks to those who designed and install them.

This is sketched at Toa Payoh Lorong 8 market and food centre.2016-08-15 06.29.27

SMRT 855 Bus Captain Shanmuga

10 Aug
Showing appreciation.
If my Art can do a little something for someone it makes my day. I was traveling on SMRT 855 this afternoon 10 Aug 2016, and got a seat diagonally from the young driver. He politely greeted me when I boarded.
Sanmuga drove the bus very carefully ensuring a smooth ride, which is quite a rare occurrence these days.
In the 6 stops before my destination I sketched him at work. At my stop I asked for his name and introduced myself and told him how much i appreciated his driving skill, and handed him the sketch. He was thrilled that someone actually depicted him in a sketch. He stopped long enough to snap a few shots of the sketch. It should have made him a happier and appreciated bus driver.