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Smoking at Coffee shops

29 Mar


Wish that Smoking is totally banned. esp at eating places



Queuing for food in Peoples Park

16 Mar

I wasnt sure as to what to eat for lunch at Peoples Park. So I just headed to  where  there was a long queue. YE JI Cooked Food was the one; and as I approached it several  framed testimonials displayed its popularity and awards, so I knew this lunch should be good.

Rice with steamed snow fish, bitter gourd and  soy sauced brinjals. Good tasting, not salty, and not oily and the offering ( $4.70) was just right for lunch.

The queue continued throughout the lunch hour as I sketched the moving line. It was fun and needed quick action. Two  gentlemen from Philippines watched  intently  at my sketching and with permission snapped the process. Jes and Roledo were on holidays here, and took back a little memory from here.

Boon Keng Mrt Vicinity ..sharing an act for us to follow.

10 Mar



There are some people who deserves our admiration and emulation. So much talk about  reuse, recycle and reduce, but this old lady actually lives by these simple ideals.

While having my coffee in a food centre just outside the Boon Keng MRT station, I  was attracted to this old lady’s makeshift collection of used  boxes and cartons and decided to sketch it.

She probably make a decent living  selling these  cartons  she collects daily and she deserves  our commendation.

We should be thankful for such environment friendly practice, and perhaps do something positive ourselves.

Harmonicas in Chong Pang Village.. 9 Mar 2017

9 Mar

On my second visit to this quaint HDB town, I searched and finally found some China made harmonicas in Chong Pang Village. Bought this Swan (Blues Power) Harmonica for a mere $6.50…. A pocket  piece of musical instrument for me to play and relax……certainly an unbelievably fantastic bargain… sketch includes this happy purchase from  a little sports and guitar shop(Hong Tat Sport Shop) in Chong Pang Village.

Tried out the instrument, it worked like a charm, comparable to the $60, made in Germany  one. So very happy with it.


8 Mar

A kind passerby took interest in my sketching and became friends……. my sketching of two smokers enjoying their nicotine fix outside this electronics shopping mall. Photos by courtesy of Josh Irving..whom I met there and who was so kind to contribute the shots.

Chong Pang Village,Sembawang, Singapore

1 Mar

Often times the places I visit offer special opportunities to satisfy my quest for that something special, not necessarily for shopping or sight seeing. This time at this quaint place in modern Singapore, Chong Pang Village, I came here to look for  an old China brand of harmonica with the name Butterfly. I found a small music shop here, selling mostly guitars and backpacks and some harmonicas. Yes they have the brand I was looking for, and another called Swan. The Butterfly harmonicas are recent ones, not unsold old time items. Too new for me. Gave them a pass.

They  I came across  several old hardware stores. Approached them and asked for old carpenter rulers. They were  helpful and lamented that they are no longer available.

Ended my quest with a walk around the busy market and food  stalls. Had my morning coffee and did a sketch to mark my  visit.