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Red Columned Laundry Shop

5 Dec

A Glimpse of the Past.
Serangoon Road.
Some of you might know of this quaint looking laundry shop with Red columns in the 90s. Its long gone now. Good thing i sketched it in 1996. Found this forgotten painting in my storeroom when spring cleaning. Its turned a little yellow now but otherwise in excellent condition. May auction it.1-2017-12-05 16.27.42


Annual Report Nparks 2016/17

26 Oct

Screenshot 2017-10-26 16.44.43


My Hero for the Year

1 Jul

2017-07-01 07.56.53

Busker in the morning at Albert Complex

11 May

Unlikely to find a busker at a hawker centre like this at Albert complex and  at 930am. Was impressed with his  singing and his positive attitude. Sketched him  playing his guitar and chatted with Gary. Exchanged numbers for future  reference.

St Andrews Cathedral

10 Apr

Sketched  some scenes around this Cathedral while waiting for June.

Smoking at Coffee shops

29 Mar


Wish that Smoking is totally banned. esp at eating places


Queuing for food in Peoples Park

16 Mar

I wasnt sure as to what to eat for lunch at Peoples Park. So I just headed to  where  there was a long queue. YE JI Cooked Food was the one; and as I approached it several  framed testimonials displayed its popularity and awards, so I knew this lunch should be good.

Rice with steamed snow fish, bitter gourd and  soy sauced brinjals. Good tasting, not salty, and not oily and the offering ( $4.70) was just right for lunch.

The queue continued throughout the lunch hour as I sketched the moving line. It was fun and needed quick action. Two  gentlemen from Philippines watched  intently  at my sketching and with permission snapped the process. Jes and Roledo were on holidays here, and took back a little memory from here.