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Boon Keng Mrt Vicinity ..sharing an act for us to follow.

10 Mar



There are some people who deserves our admiration and emulation. So much talk about  reuse, recycle and reduce, but this old lady actually lives by these simple ideals.

While having my coffee in a food centre just outside the Boon Keng MRT station, I  was attracted to this old lady’s makeshift collection of used  boxes and cartons and decided to sketch it.

She probably make a decent living  selling these  cartons  she collects daily and she deserves  our commendation.

We should be thankful for such environment friendly practice, and perhaps do something positive ourselves.



8 Mar

A kind passerby took interest in my sketching and became friends……. my sketching of two smokers enjoying their nicotine fix outside this electronics shopping mall. Photos by courtesy of Josh Irving..whom I met there and who was so kind to contribute the shots.

Morning Coffee with Neighbour at Shunfu Market

10 Feb


Sketched this group of breakfast friends at Shunfu Market while chatting with a neighbour . The Chinese New Year  buntings are very much  a tradition in most food places during this period, for at least up to the 15th of the  first Lunar month.


16 Aug


An opportunity to introduce sketching food outlets to my students here. Plus a hearty meal of fried  beef slices with  ginger, shallots and rice after the session. Sam the owner of Hua Nam Restaurant was happy to serve us, a group of 6 at lunch.

People sketching

21 Nov

Eating out is a national past-Imagetime in Singapore. Queuing for food at food or hawker centres is an interesting sight to watch and sketch. Here is one at Seah Im Road Food Centre waiting for  seafood lunch.