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25 Jan


Enjoying the ECO LAKE  at Singapore Botanic Gardens, with a water colour sketch and a refreshing walk.

New Year Greetings to all my friends, Facebook ones included. Here is to your good health and Peace for all mankind.

ROOSTER:  the symbol of Punctuality, Vitality, Beauty and Righteousness, to accompany and inspire YOU the whole year through.

Tham Pui San

26 Jan 2017


Musings on Trees: LTA’s showcase of Art in train stations

17 Jan

At one end of the Boarding Platform at Newton MRT, DownTown Line is a placard which acknowledges contributors on MUSINGS ON TREES.

My musing is here for you to enjoy.

Sharing An Inspiring Encounter

13 Jan


As June and I walked out of Shaw Centre last night after shopping at Isetan, we chanced upon this inspiring lady.

With her good hand holding the broom handle and the dustpan pole  cleverly propped under her bent waist, and her deformed hand dangling on the left, she skillfully swept the litter into the dustpan.

She  has such mastery of her work. I was touched.

On the bus ride home I kept thinking of her work  attitude and determination which many of us can do well to emulate. And I was glad the employer recognise her ability and give her the job.

While this captivating imagery remain strong  I  quickly took out my pocket book to record this true spirit of determination and self reliance  to share with you.


SMRT 855 Bus Captain Shanmuga

10 Aug
Showing appreciation.
If my Art can do a little something for someone it makes my day. I was traveling on SMRT 855 this afternoon 10 Aug 2016, and got a seat diagonally from the young driver. He politely greeted me when I boarded.
Sanmuga drove the bus very carefully ensuring a smooth ride, which is quite a rare occurrence these days.
In the 6 stops before my destination I sketched him at work. At my stop I asked for his name and introduced myself and told him how much i appreciated his driving skill, and handed him the sketch. He was thrilled that someone actually depicted him in a sketch. He stopped long enough to snap a few shots of the sketch. It should have made him a happier and appreciated bus driver.

Hylam Street Coffee

9 May

Alexandra Brickworks Hawker Centre.

Not my usual patience  waiting for a cup of tea, but I tried queuing just to justify the apparent popularity of the  coffee stall by its long queue.  I observed  the laborious process the barista  prepare his  drinks. Quite a few steps were involved and he really heat up the china cups just before  the brew is poured in!. And my tea turned out  immensely rich and hot the way it should be. Tasted  great. Bravo for the middle aged barista  who spot a moustache and a haughty look about him. The lady from a another stall took interest in my  painting and chatted with me throughout the process.

TeH Tarik At Killiney Road.

13 Apr

2016-04-13 07.46.12

yesterday  12 April 2016…..What attracted me to this  shop opposite the Singtel Shop was the sparse deco and  generous seating space, and of course serving Ginger tea (teh Alia)  in Orchard area. Kalil the waiter wiped dry the rain wetted seat outside this shop for me to sit and sketch. 2 passer-bys asked for my contact as they were interested to join my art classes.



Marathon Sketching on Good Friday 2016

25 Mar

Good Friday morning.
Took a bus to the nearby Shunfu Market for my cuppa. The food centre was crowded with many enjoying their holiday morning savouring the local fare there. Cleaners were hardpressed to clear up the piled dishes and left overs. ( Not a pleasant sight).
Managed to find an empty seat, but having to content with the mess left by previous customers.
Settled for a cup of tea, and started to sketch.
Changed tables two more times to get different views of the scenes that make good drawings. Here are the 5 sketches done in that one hour.